Humanity is all about Coming to Rescue at the Right Moment

Humanity is all about Coming to Rescue at the Right Moment

There is a certain indulgence in humanity. Simply thinking about humanity or discussing it in a debate on whether humanity is lost or not, is simply not going to help. It is up to you to get up and take some action when it comes to humanity.

Being human doesn’t mean you have to go out and start helping all the beggars out there by distributing money. That is simply not the idea what I am trying to convey.

Humanity is all about being present at the right moment to help those who are in dire need of it, without expecting something in return. Not even a simple thank you! This is what humanity is about!

Help at the Right Moment, for Nobody can Do Anything when it is Too Late

If you see someone stranded out in a place, and no help seems to come his/her way, go and give them directions. If you see someone drenched in heavy rain, help them out. Show humanity by helping the person at the right moment. For when a moment is missed, it is missed out forever.

The suffering will end one day. Whether you want to help out a person lessen his/her suffering, or simply wait and watch till it ends by itself is totally up to you!

There is Peace in Humanity for it Soothes the Soul of the Oppressed

When you help others, a certain warmth engulfs your heart. It is your soul feeling blessed for the right thing that you did, for the difference you made to somebody’s life. Never let that feeling go away for such feelings are rare and are totally precious!

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